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Non-Obligatory  Quote

The installation of a stove would be an exciting and daunting task, and we would like to provide a precise quote. Only give us a call to arrange a non-obligatory survey, and we can give you a quote at a competitive price.


We at McQuilliam & Sons are a non-VAT registered company. We believe that the price you get is the one you pay, no hidden fees or extra expenses.

The Right Stove for the Right Room

Not sure what stove would suit your room? This calculator will give you a good idea of what stove you are looking for.

Please note: The number of entrances and openings, as well as how insulated the house is depending on when it was built will affect what stove you are looking for and why a survey is recommended before going ahead with your purchase. 

Supply & Installation

Not sure where to get your component parts for your installation or would like an expert opinion on where to source them? We can provide you with competitive prices, but feel free to look at other quotes. 

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